General Tasks - Courier/ Driver

Do you enjoy driving and seeing different parts of the valley? Maybe you're the person who knows all the best routes and love running errands (what station is your radio tuned to?). Don't cook but would like to help provide meals?  Would you be willing to pick up food from a donating partner and deliver it to one of our programs? In this role you can help our staff by allowing them to remain at their programs where they're needed instead of running to other locations to drop off or pick up essential items. 

This ongoing in-person role requires little to no training unless the specific role includes driving a LEAF Cargo Truck or Van. Most Couriers drive their personally owned vehicle. Short term commitments welcome (minimum 1-3 months requested)

REQUIREMENTS: Valid Driver's License and automobile insurance. You must provide proof of a clean driving record for the last 39 months. You can apply for your record history by following the links below.

Roles are available across the valley and include Shelter meal pick-up & delivery,  Inter-office Document Courier, In-Kind Donation Courier. Distances vary and tasks can be assigned by volunteer preference.