SRT Volunteers

Our ShelterBox Response Teams provide the link between the people who donate to ShelterBox and those that receive ShelterBox support.

They work tirelessly - climbing mountains, crossing rivers and navigating their way through customs procedures - to reach families who have lost their homes.

Our teams work closely with community leaders and local organisations to make sure that people have exactly the right tools and skills to start the process of recovery.

Being a ShelterBox Response Volunteer is a huge commitment. Each person goes through a rigorous application and training process to test their ability to communicate, plan and work through challenges.

PLEASE NOTE - Our intake of SRT Volunteers for 2018 has completed and we are not currently recruiting this year.  To find out more please click here. In the meantime we encourage everyone to get involved in ShelterBox in another volunteer role to start your ShelterBox journey now.