General Repair - Flooring Install: Zoe Freedom Center

We are excited to have an opportunity serving another local non profit. Zoe Freedom Center is moving and needs some assistance with their new office space at 4107 Lafayette Blvd Suite 4 in Fredericksburg. So, we will be working to help install new flooring. This is a big project. So, we are going to need a big team effort.

If you aren't familiar with Zoe Freedom Center, check out their website at

We will start on Monday the 22nd and hope to finish by Friday the 26th. Please plan to meet at their office location: 4107 Lafayette Blvd Suite 4 at 9am each day for the days you can serve.  Please note, if you cant volunteer the whole day that is fine. You can still sign up and then just let me know via email what time you can come.

There will be things for all skill sets whether you're a pro floor installer or not! We will be installing the vinyl snap together this is also a great opportunity to learn a new skill.

Thanks and hope you can join us for a few hours or days on this project!