Emergency Disaster Services

The Salvation Army EDS mobilizes during a fire or similar crisis in the community.  The specific task of the CCRU (Community Crisis Response Unit - mobile truck and kitchen), is to provide food and water for firemen and other emergency personnel on site.

Volunteer team members serve as:

  • EDS CCRU Driver
  • EDS On Location with CCRU Cook and Server
  • EDS CCRU and CCRU Garage Cleaning Crew
  • EDS Emotional and Spiritual Care Team


If you wish to be a candidate for EDS service please indicate this category as a volunteer interest. If you have specific questions regarding volunteer roles with our EDS service, you are most welcome to call Sonia Withers, our Community Ministries Outreach Coordinator, at 250-765-3450 ext 203.  As part of her role, Sonia leads our EDS team.

Talk to our Volunteer Coordinator at (250) 860-2329 for more info!