History Maker Volunteer

Encourage visitors to explore themes around what it means to be a history maker. 

History Makers: Unfolded aims to continue conversations begun in the previous History Makers exhibition, launched last year. It will consider what it means to be a history maker and challenge the historical record that often overlooks or misrepresents Derbyshire women and gender diverse history makers. 

Help create a wonderful welcome for visitors by encouraging them to have a go with gallery makes, being a listening ear for those that want to share stories of the history makers in their lives and tell stories about the collections on display.

Time commitment 

The Museum & Art Gallery is open from Tuesday to Sunday. We hope you can give at least a couple of hours of your time to maximise your experience. We will work with you to accommodate your preferences and availability. 


This role takes place primarily in the History Makers: Unfolded exhibition in the temporary exhibitions gallery at the Museum and Art Gallery.

What you may be doing:

  • Interact with visitors to the exhibition to tell stories around the collections on display

  • Be an attentive ear, learning with and from visitors who may want to contribute their story to the exhibition or talk about the history makers in their own lives

  • Encourage people to take part in the interactive elements of the exhibition, including making leaves remembering the history makers that have inspired us and green plaques to celebrate achievements of local people.

  • Promote activities, fundraising initiatives, events, and commercial events – acting as ambassadors for Derby Museums.

  • Be there for people. Proactively looking out for those who need assistance or guidance.

This role may be for you if you are: 

  • Friendly, helpful, and love talking to people and listening to their stories  

  • Wanting to engage and communicate with others and share knowledge, passion, enthusiasm and/or curiosity for the exhibition

  • Aware and sensitive towards the approach of the gallery – one that welcomes discussion, sharing and empathy   

  • Intrigued and excited to know more

  • Someone who takes pride and is enthusiastic for Derby and Derby Museums. 

This role can be combined with: 

  • public programming activities such as Lifelong learning activities 

  • gallery making

  • co-produced activities

Share with us any areas of personal interest that you want to develop, along with your existing experience, to work with you to create an enriching and meaningful role.  


We will provide you with training to ensure you feel happy, safe and confident in your role. Get an introduction to the spaces, people and the role by attending our site volunteer introductions.

Proposed dates for these are shared in the "Getting Started" section. Click on the link to browse available times or get in touch to explore alternatives. 

Getting support: 

Count on our Visitor Experience Assistant Team and Site Managers to be your point of contact once in place. The Co-production Volunteering Programme team, Pippa and Hope, manage your overall volunteering experience. Supporting you with Wellness Action Plans and/or Goal Setting Plans to discuss any physical, mental health or vocational needs or goals.