Sense Fundraising Group - Chair

Sense Fundraising Group Chair

Are you an inspiring leader with good connections in your local community?

If so, volunteering as the Chair of your local Sense Fundraising Group is the role for you!

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Volunteering is a great opportunity for you to gain experience in a fundraising role, and develop your skills in leadership, communication, and teamwork.

From chairing meetings, and providing group members with support, to delegating tasks and recruiting new group members; you will be able to motivate and inspire others to get involved to make a difference.

Our Fundraising Groups are really important to Sense, being our local ambassadors for the charity and allowing us to tell the story of the people we support to even more people. Our Chairs are vital in providing great leadership and keeping the rest of the group on track to create incredible fundraising and awareness raising activities.Jenny, Head of Events & Community.

Your time is precious, so we will talk about the time commitment you are able to make. Your safety is important to us and we’ll work together to make your activities covid-secure; supporting your group in developing virtual activities and socially distanced ways to engage with your community. You will be provided with full training for your role. We are here to support you to make your fundraising group a success! Please note that this volunteering opportunity is available to applicants aged 18 and over. 

Sense is committed to providing equality of opportunity for everyone we work with. Everyone's contribution is valued, and we welcome applications from people from all sections of the community who share our values and belief in our mission. 

This link takes you to the volunteer role description to find out more about the role (it is well worth a read before submitting your application).

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Orange banner containing the text Mia's story

Mia has a rare condition that causes developmental delay – so her vision is very poor and it’s unlikely she’ll ever be able to walk or speak. Mia also has a visual processing condition that means although her eyes can see, her brain is unable to process the information. She can distinguish between light and dark, but she can’t see detail, so going into darkness can be distressing for her as she struggles to understand what’s happening.

One of Mia’s favourite places is the sensory room at one of the Sense Family Centres. It’s where we discovered her love of lights – she comes alive surrounded by all the twinkling, glowing lights. The first time Mia reached out for a sensory toy was a wonderful ‘wow’ moment. It was a huge step forward in her development and the start of her being able to communicate her likes and dislikes.

We really hope that you decide to join us as a volunteer to support us to raise funds and awareness to continue to make a difference to children like Mia - we are excited to hear from you!

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