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The Riverdale Y is a robust community nonprofit that values its volunteers. Hundreds of community members share their talents with us, contributing thousands of hours of time.

Volunteers work alongside staff to embody our universally-held values central to Jewish life, which include, caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. Volunteers strengthen our community by being determined, nurturing, genuine, hopeful, and welcoming. We are truly grateful for each one of them. 

Are you looking for a rewarding way to spend your free time? Do you have a love for your community, but you’re not sure how to get involved? The Riverdale Y has many opportunities for you to make an impact. We would love to have you come spend time with us and get to know our organization.

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Volunteering with the Y

Guardians of the Earth

Shomrei Adamah - Guardians of the Earth

Making a conscious effort to change your day-to-day lifestyle — whether it’s eating plant-based foods, composting all your scraps, ditching plastic, or all three and then some — is an awesome thing to do for the planet. At Riverdale Y, we offer communal gardening experiences, community clean-ups, park-stewarding events and many other activities to benefit our planet.

Caring for the Soul & Body

Shmirat Hanefesh V’shmirat Haguf - Caring for the Soul & Body

Without volunteers to rely on, it is hard to imagine how the public health industry could fulfill its mission. The impact of volunteerism goes far beyond the doctors and nurses who volunteer their time and expertise to free clinics. Volunteers with the Y help with the vaccination project, ensuring others in our communities get access to the vaccination sites. Other projects involve wellness calls for isolated senior citizens, helping with the Blood Drive as well as focusing on health related events such as Riverdale Run. 


Limmud - Learning 


Access to even basic education resources is crucial and can be life-altering. Volunteers can help children, youth and older adults. There are many subjects to focus on, from child-centered read-aloud story-time, to mentoring young people in the choosing of their future careers, to teaching older adults how to use current technology. There are sports skills to teach, and various topics for tutoring.Although you will be involved in educating, be prepared to learn a lot yourself!

Repair the World

Tikkun Olam - Repair the World

Social Justice

Fighting for social justice comes in many forms: education, civic engagement, legal action, organizing in marches and more. After all, as the saying goes "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Our volunteers work on programs that facilitate the social justice framework: self-love and knowledge, respect for others, social movements and social change, issues of injustice, and awareness raising. We help with food deliveries to home-bound seniors; support the Y’s Sunday Market that sells farm fresh foods; and hold other events that are close to our community's heart.

Welcoming Guests

Hachnasat Orchim - Welcoming Guests

The Administrative & Operations volunteer roles are crucial for the Riverdale Y, a nonprofit organization. Whether it is to manage the volunteer roster, help guide members and visitors to various activities at the Y, or coordinate social media to advertise a volunteering opportunity, we need people with a variety of skills to help us.



Kehilla - Community


Together, we strengthen today and empower tomorrow. Our volunteers are at the core of what we do and help sustain the Riverdale Y and our community, ensuring critical programs and services are available. Our goal is to make our community strong and vibrant. Our opportunities for volunteering include working on the Mural; recording the history of the Riverdale Y and the community around us; yearly bonfire, and other seasonal events.

Our Mission & Values

The Riverdale Y enriches the lives by cultivating universally - shared values central to Jewish life, through educational, cultural, wellness, and service programs for all. 

*We build and strengthen community*

*We nurture our minds, bodies & souls*

*We are all responsible for one another, in our local community and in our world*

*We create a space of belonging, where everyone feels respected and appreciated for who they are*