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God's Littlest Angels' staff welcomes volunteers/teams from all over the world. Volunteers/teams come to help for periods of 1 week to several months. Our volunteers range in age from 18 to 72 years old. Approximately 500 volunteers come to GLA each year to work and share their hearts and talents with the children living here.

Because GLA is a faith mission, all volunteers must raise their own support for their stay in Haiti and pay for their room and board. When in Haiti, volunteers stay at Ft Jacques with all of the GLA staff. 

Volunteering with any organization in any third world country requires a person to be flexible.  The same is true for your stay at GLA. There might be days without electricity and water.  You may be required to do jobs that do not involve the children as there are many different jobs that need to be done as well.  If you feel like you can be flexible and you enjoy working with children, we would love to have you come to Haiti and help out.





GLA is a Christian Ministry and we require all of our volunteers and teams to attend either the local Haitian Sunday Church Service and/or an English service that is held on the gazebo at 11 am each Sunday.  We are here to serve the Haitian people and we try to be a beacon of light to the people around us by serving and worshiping with them.

If you are interested in volunteering at GLA, please fill out the application and our Volunteer Coordinator will be in contact soon with information about how to become a volunteer and what to expect during your volunteer experience.  You can also contact us at volunteers@glahaiti.org  or call  719-638-4348 for more information.





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Mission Statement

God’s Littlest Angels is dedicated to helping the children and families of Haiti by providing intensive nursery care for premature, malnourished, and abandoned children. We will assist in seeking outside help for children needing surgical or medical treatment not available in Haiti. We will also assist in placing abandoned children with adoptive families. We will provide education to children who cannot afford to go to school through a sponsorship program and we will provide teachers and age/learning-level appropriate schooling for the children who are here with us at GLA. Our purpose is to help the children of Haiti in any way we can and to spread the word of God to each person we serve.


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