Hawthorne Seniors Care Community

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Mission Statement

The Hawthorne Mission

Hawthorne is where the heart is - working together to make a difference.

The Hawthorne Vision

Hawthorne will be the model supportive community, promoting excellence and innovation; the place where people want to live and work, and where meaningful community partnerships are expanded.

Hawthorne’s Values

We Believe...

  • All people should be treated with respect, compassion and dignity.
  • In recognizing the uniqueness of all individuals and being responsive to their changing needs.
  • In respecting and supporting people in their right to make decisions that affect them.
  • Open and direct communication is everyone’s responsibility.
  • In continually monitoring our programs and services for opportunities for improvement.
  • Relationships with external community partners enhance quality of life within the Hawthorne Community.
  • In recognizing the potential for growth that exists in all individuals.
  • In using ethical business practices in all that we do.