Poole Enviroteers

Poole Enviroteers is a council-led volunteering initiative. Poole Enviroteers aspires to get all members of the Poole community volunteering and taking part in their local open space environments.

Poole Enviroteers promotes the work of local ‘Friends Of’ groups volunteering events, as well as opportunities across the Borough which are linked to environmental change. This includes opportunities at our self-funded new to you shop and the ability to support individuals in running their own litter picks.

Poole Enviroteers hopes to achieve transformative environmental change across the Borough of Poole through regular and innovative volunteering opportunities for all ages and abilities, and represent the events and activities the people of Poole love to carry out.

If you are interested in any of the below activities, fill in an application on the right or contact us at environmentvolunteers@poole.gov.uk.

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Cleaning up the Environment

These opportunities are all based around helping to clean up the environment of Poole. We don't all litter, but we do all see litter daily. Why not build it in to your daily or weekly routine to volunteer with one of the opportunities below or run your own litter pick? 

Activity Shifts Start End
Community Litter Pick Resources and Support 193 6/23/2019 1/2/2020
Litter Pick with the Friends of Hamworthy Park 111 6/26/2019 8/4/2021
Litter Pick with the Whitecliff Harbourside Park Volunteers 42 6/29/2019 11/26/2022


Come along to any of these events which are all about taking action and working with 'Friends Of' and community groups to improve the areas that they love and work on. These are always great to attend and usually run weekly or monthly.

All the groups are open to welcoming new volunteers, you could even volunteer with a few groups and see which group works best for you. From the seaside views at Pinecliff, to the community gardens of Oakdale, there really is a way to take action in every community!

Activity Shifts Start End
Volunteer at Coy Pond Gardens 106 6/25/2019 6/29/2021
Volunteer at Oakdale Library Gardens 106 6/24/2019 6/28/2021
Volunteer at Pinecliff Sunken Gardens 59 6/27/2019 8/6/2020
Volunteer with the Adastral Square Community Gardening Group 116 6/27/2019 9/9/2021

Extra Experiences

These are a variety of other opportunities that are outside of open spaces and a bit more specialised, but all that more exciting because of it!

Activity Shifts Start End
Cafe Volunteer 70 6/26/2019 9/29/2019
Poole Park Kiosk Volunteering 1
Saturday Customer Service Volunteer 78 6/29/2019 12/21/2019