Ministerial Leadership / Local Officer Positions - Chaplain

Ministry Description: The Chaplain is responsible to influence the spiritual life of those involved in the Corps by assisting in spiritual aspects of Corps activities & programs. The Chaplain should prepare devotions, pray and give individual spiritual encouragement, visit absentees and folks in the hospital, nursing homes, and jails and know current prayer requests. The Chaplain should contribute to the worship element of the Corps. The Chaplain should refer important spiritual needs to the corps officers and maintain appropriate confidentiality.
The Chaplain should be faithful in Sunday worship at the corps or their local church and set a good example through their personal spiritual life.

Spiritual Gifts: Discernment, faith, intercession, encouragement

Talents/Abilities: Christian disciple, able to share their faith with others, able to listen

Passion: spiritual growth

Shepherd: Corps Officer

Soldiership Required: no, Commissioned or Warranted

Schedule: none

Commitment: 2 year renewable preferred

Qualifications Required

  • Background Check