Red Kettle Campaign - Holiday Bell-Ringing - Bell Ringer

Call 231-347-3531 X1003 to sign up or register online at

Bell Ringer Duties/ Expectations: 

  • Find the Red Kettle Kit next to the stand or under chair, put on protective gear (mask, etc), apron, retrieve bell, ring and smile.
  • Do not move the Red Kettle stand- it is set up in an approved location.
  • Ring bell gently to get people’s attention then smile and communicate in a friendly manner - eg. Hello, thank you, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, etc.- there is no need to ring while talking or while no one is around
  • Do not handle the money even if the donor tries handing it to you to put in the kettle. Please gently explain that due to Covid prevention measures that you are not allowed to handle the money. The paint stir-stick is in your kit in case you need to smush the money down.
  • If anyone tries to steal the kettle and/or stand- let them, then call the authorities, then us. Never put yourself in harm’s way.
  • If you smoke, remove the apron and go around the corner from the kettle then come back when you’re finished, put the apron back on and resume bell-ringing.
  • Do not engage in conflicts with store staff, management or customers; if there are any disputes, call us immediately.
  • Bright paper is for you to write your name, location, start and end time of shift on- please fold and put it in red bucket at the end of your shift
  • Please sanitize bell handle with wipe and place bell back in container at end of your shift and throw it in the nearest waste basket.
  • Please sanitize kettle top with a separate wipe at the end of your shift and throw it in the nearest waste basket.
  • After your shift if there isn’t another ringer there to replace you, please take or throw your disposable apron out  and put the bell back in the Red Kettle Kit after sanitizing it, then put it back where you found it and you are free to go. You are not responsible for watching over the Red Kettle until someone else arrives- even if you are the last shift in the evening.
  • In case of any issues please call the Bell-Ringer Hotline taped on the inside lid of your bell-ringing kit.
  • HAVE FUN!!!

Requires: good physical condition for long periods of standing in various weather conditions- a stool may be provided for those who have medical conditions preventing them from standing for long periods.

Proceeds from Red Kettles go to support many local programs such as the Emergency Financial Assistance Program, the After School Program, the Holiday Assistance Program and many others. All donations stay local.

Schedule Summary

This activity occurs between Friday, November 08, 2024 and Tuesday, December 24, 2024