Emergency Disaster Services - EDS First Response Director

Reports to: Corps Administrator

Director is in charge of reviving our EDS program by finding and signing up volunteers who want to be First Response Team Leaders and Members. Once teams are formed, he or she will be in charge of speaking with Officials at the City of Petoskey, Department of Public Safety to form a relationship with Police, Firefighters and Ambulance crews so they will ensure they receive alerts and to ensure that proper safety protocols are followed. Director will develop and coordinate team safety protocols, procedures and schedule to ensure adequate coverage for emergencies. The Director will also ensure that the Team Leaders and Members receive Disaster Training and any other training that is required.

The EDS program is designed to ensure that the Department of Public Safety is supported while dealing with major disasters. Some examples of support we will provide are food, water and blankets while they are performing their duties.

Schedule is flexible yet demanding- looking for a mature individual who is passionate about the EDS program as it will take many hours to develop, and once running will require operational hours

Schedule Summary

This activity occurs between Tuesday, January 02, 2024 and Wednesday, January 01, 2025