OMB - Volunteer Ombudsman

Volunteer Ombudsman representatives are guided through the path of Ombudsman Certification.  Once certified you will be promoted to a Certified Volunteer Ombudsman.  Please note that the process of becoming a volunteer may take some time but being an advocate for residents will be worth the investment.

A Certified Volunteer Ombudsman will provide invaluable advocacy with and for residents in long-term care facilities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other types of residential facilities in their local communities.  Certified Ombudsman representatives are trained to visit residents at an assigned facility, provide information about their rights, assist them (upon their request) with their complaints, and submit reports reflecting their activities and case work. 

Would you be a good volunteer?

    • Do you enjoy talking to your fellow residents?
    • Are you a patient and compassionate listener?
    • Are you unafraid of speaking out for others?

What would you do?

    • Receive comprehensive training and on-site mentoring with the long-term care ombudsman to receive formal designation
    • Participate in peer learning by sharing case reviews and discussing strategies 
    • Identify and report concerns or issues to ensure that residents receive appropriate care and are satisfied