Buildings and Grounds - Great Fall Cleanup

Welcome to the Great Fall Cleanup at Pickering Creek Audubon Center. We are organizing multiple activities over the course of three days to get our trails, gardens, and grounds in optimal shape for visitors this fall. You are invited to join us as individuals or household groups for one of three days outdoors at Pickering Creek as we work to keep time outdoors a safe and enjoyable experience at the Center. Children are welcome to participate with their parents or guardians. All volunteers and staff are expected wear masks when in the company of others and to follow social distancing guidelines.

We appreciate any help you might be offer either as part of a small group or on your own on the dates below.  Activities will be divided between

  1. Trail work: Clearing branches and other debris, trimming  along  trails and driveway, clipping back briars, mulching and lining the trail.
  2. General cleanup: Everything from removing branches from the  yard of the office to an assortment of other tidying up tasks.
  3. Gardening: Clipping, weeding and mulching in gardens around the center. And...
  4. Minor repairs:  A wide assortment of tasks ranging from simple projects like tapping down exposed nails on the dock to those requiring some prior experience like rebuilding disabled picnic tables.

Sign up for a time that works for you and let the Volunteer Coordinator know what category of work you are interested in doing. She will follow up with additional information before the work date and will be happy to address any questions you may have.