MS Society Leadership Volunteers - MS Ambassador



The MS Ambassadors program aims to help the MS Society of Canada, BC and Yukon Division reach out and be more visible. Through this program, individuals will have the opportunity to become involved in the work of the MS Society in a very distinct and substantial way in areas of interest to each person. Fundraising, Government Relations and Advocacy, Research, Programs and Services and Public Awareness are examples of streams where MS Ambassadors can participate in sharing information about MS and the MS Society. MS Ambassadors are chosen based on their ability and interest in advancing mission of the MS Society. 


Time Commitment

One year minimum.

Duties and Responsibilities

Ambassadors fulfill a key volunteer role within the MS Society.  Extensive training is provided for all activities.


MS Ambassadors can be involved in the activities of these areas:

  • Government Relations and Advocacy:  They increase awareness of key MS Society advocacy issues such as appropriate housing, accessibility and disability-related supports.
  • Fund Development: They attract more donors, sponsors and grant funds.
  • Research & Programs and Services:  They improve program and services through information, health education and support services. Increase awareness of Research by sharing learned knowledge on research happenings.
  • Public Awareness: They increase public awareness of MS and the MS Society. Perhaps by speaking at an event or to the local media.


Specific responsibilities include:

  • Be knowledgeable and supportive of the MS Society’s plans, initiatives and key messages.
  • Participate in training and development.
  • Work with MS Society staff to further the aims of the MS Society.
  • Take a leadership role in government relations and advocacy, research, programs and services, public awareness or fund development to achieve outcomes that will benefit people with MS.
  • Encourage individuals, groups and politicians to support the MS Society’s mission and its programs.
  • Provide on-going input and feedback to the MS Society on matters that affect the Society.
  • Participate in evaluations to determine progress or achievement of goals.




  • Positive and constructive
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Knowledgeable about MS and the Society
  • Well spoken
  • Ability to devote adequate time and energy
  • Responsive to the needs of the Society
  • Passionate
  • Supports the values and mission of the MS Society


Guiding Principles

  • Ambassadors represent the MS Society and act accordingly.
  • Ambassadors are key influencers.
  • Ambassadors effectively engage family and friends, neighbors, colleagues, business people, politicians and others to learn more about MS and the MS Society.
  • Ambassadors assess their efforts and are eager to learn and improve.
  • Ambassadors deserve training, support and recognition from the MS Society.
  • Ambassadors are the face of the MS Society and the ‘boots on the ground’ in their local community.



  • Updates on information and issues related to MS and the MS Society
  • Potential individual recognition
  • Work with a fantastic group
  • Acquire new skills
  • Make a difference
  • Participation in specialized MS Ambassador training
  • Part of MS Society Leadership program


  • Orientation to the MS Society Ambassador Program and ongoing training and support will be provided each year.