Digital Media Support

Do you have experience in Micro Soft Excel, or Publisher, how about PowerPoint presentations...if you would like to assist with putting flyers, and presentations together, this is the activity for you!  Please check off the Digital Media Support interest if you would like to be notified when we need assistance with these types of tasks.



  • Increase the number of adoptions of shelter animals by showcasing photographs and bio’s that are eye catching and heartwarming.


  • Work as a team with other volunteers.  One person handles and calms the adoptable animals while the other takes photographs of the animals, either in the studio area or in the outdoor play-yards.  (no cats, or dogs that are under 15 lbs are to be taken outside, all animals of this caliber should be photographed indoors only.)
  • Write appealing descriptions of the pets, this is more easily done after spending a few minutes with the animal while socializing to see what its true personality is, maybe some of its funny habits, or simple commands that the animals knows and can complete.
  • Upload photo and information into the DropBox folder that has been assigned to you.


  • Receive on-the-job training during a photography session


  • Must commit to volunteer position for at least 6 months. 


  • Dog and Cat handling
  • Dog and Cat Disease prevention
  • Good animal handling skills.
  • Those who would like to do web work must have a good sense of photographic quality, an aptitude for working with computers, and have photo-editing software and access to the Internet. 
  • Detail-orientated and creative people who can give attention to photographic quality and written content.

Volunteer Benefits: 

  • You captured a moment in time that could help change one homeless pet’s life as well as the life of their new adopter.  Help shelter pets find forever homes.