Dog Socializing


  • This position ensures that all adoption dogs are being socialized and their lives are being enriched through human interaction and contact. 


  • Leash, remove & walk dog to designated socialization area.
  • Toss the ball, play fetch, give belly rubs & give the dog much needed attention.
  • Work on BASIC good dog behavior (i.e. walking on leash, not jumping etc.)
  • Brush coats as needed (this is also a very good step to add to the socialization!)
  • Leash and walk dog back to the proper designated kennel (DO NOT DRAG!!!)
  • Clean & sanitize all areas that dog contacted, including your hands. 


  • Minimum requirement of 4 hours per month! 


  • New Volunteer Orientation & Dog Socialization Protocol Acknowledgement turned into Volunteer Administrator.
  • Hands on training with either a shelter staff member or Volunteer Coordinator for designated area.
  • Certification of completion of training turned into Volunteer Administrator.

Volunteer Benefits: 

  • Enjoyment and satisfaction in knowing that you have enriched the life of a shelter pet, and at most times dog socialization can be a stress reliever for both you and the dog! 


  • Dog kennel staff should be your first contact for questions or concerns, then your Volunteer Coordinator for the designated area and if the coordinator is not here, you Volunteer Administrator.