Community-led activities - Wellness Walks


As a Wellness Walks volunteer, you will organize and host one or more walk(s).  These walks can be at a location and on a date of your choice. All community members are welcome to participate. 

Your responsibilities:

  • Determine the location, and date(s) at least two weeks ahead of time with the Program Coordinator. You are responsible for overseeing all organizational aspects of your walk(s).
  • Communicate with the Program Coordinator: the length of the walk, the approximate duration of the walk, the terrain and the intensity/difficulty level of the walk.  Please also include information about parking and facilities.
  • Help spread the information to others in the English-speaking community wishing to join your and other Wellness Walks. The Program Coordinator will share the event information through the Wellness Centre calendar on and on the Facebook page, Wellness Centre at Jeffery Hale, which you can share.
  • Be present during the entirety of the walk.
  • Track how many people come and share this number with the Program Coordinator no less than one week after the event. 
  • If you plan to take photos, give out multimedia consent forms (provided by the Program Coordinator) and give signed copies back to the Program Coordinator. 
  • You agree to a background/criminal record check undertaken by the volunteer coordinator.
  • You are expected to be punctual, reliable, and organized.

Need to cancel an event?

If you are unable to participate due to illness or emergency on the week of the walk, you must call or email the Program Coordinator to inform about your absence. 

Program Coordinator Information: Verity Jordan, Mental Health Program Coordinator. 418-684-5333 ext. 11932

Qualifications Required

  • Confidentiality Agreement for volunteers Must be Yes
  • Pathfinder Network Training Must be Yes
  • Police Check Validated / Revue d'antécédents judiciaires validée Must be Yes/Oui
  • What is your fluency in English / Quelle est votre maîtrise de la langue anglaise Must be at least Conversational / conversationnel