Temporary COVID-19 Response Efforts - Grocery Shopping Pick up & Drop off service

Please always follow COVID-19 hand washing and infection control measures, including every time you enter or leave a location or encounter others.
  If you are not feeling well (in any way whatsoever) you should refrain or step down from volunteering by informing the Volunteer Coordinator asap.


Collection (pick up) and delivery (to home) of shopping and medical prescriptions to individuals in self-isolation. You are honest, reliable, discreet, punctual, respectful, and possess the ability to speak English clearly. Every situation is different, but you do your best to adapt.


  • Request a Volunteer Kit before your first mission!
  • Confirm the order number and the pickup / drop off time over the phone prior to heading out.
  • Follow hand-cleaning, mask-wearing and social distancing guideline procedures as outlined at each grocery store or pharmacy.
  • Do not use your own reusable bags.
  • When delivering items to an individual, wear your mask. Leave the shopping items at the front door or residence entrance, ring or knock on door and step back a minimum of 2 meters.  If in residence, call their number to inform them it has arrived. Some residence receptionists will ask you to whom the groceries are destined, and they will bring them to the person’s apartment.
  • Do not enter the person's home even if invited, explain that this is for their own and your safety.
  • Follow guidelines for correct lifting, bending and kneeling methods for heavy grocery bags:
    • Bending your knees when picking up or putting down a load
    • Keeping your back straight
    • Using both hands
    • Not overstretching
    • Keeping the load close to your body
  • Be aware of your environment and stay alert for any tripping hazards e.g. uneven pavements, icy, wet or slippery entryways etc.

Use any protective equipment/measures as instructed above (i.e wash your hands upon returning home or use a hand sanitizer in your car before entering your home).

Qualifications Required

  • Do you have a valid driver's licence? / Avez vous un permi de conduire valide ? Must be Yes / oui
  • I am in good health and would like to temporarily assist in COVID-19 response efforts Must be Yes
  • What is your fluency in English / Quelle est votre maîtrise de la langue anglaise Must be at least Conversational / conversationnel