Arrivals Team Member

As an Arrivals Team Member, you will assist with the intake of animals arriving from Northern communities, providing them with basic animal care, including food, enrichment, and exercise. Just as this position requires a gentle touch, it also requires heavy lifting to unload crates, bags of food and other items on and off the trailer.  

By joining the team, you will help new animals arriving feel comfortable and safe in their new environment.  


  • Assist staff with various tasks involved with animal intake
  • Provide food, water and enrichment for the animals as needed
  • Walk dogs if required 
  • Follow Ontario SPCA animal protocols at all times
  • Clean and disinfect as required by protocols 
  • Assist with unloading and loading supplies as needed


  • Animal handling experience,  especially with dogs  
  • Comfortable with changing timelines and working outside of regular business hours
  • Participate in Ontario SPCA training as required

Working Conditions:

  • This role will require the team members to arrive at the Animal Centre prior to transport to organize the arrival of the animals. 
  • May be exposed to diseases or infections carried by animals.
  • Bending, lifting, or reaching will be required when unloading animals, along with some heavy lifting, up to 25 lbs. For example, carrying a large dog crate with a dog inside for 25 metres.
  • Schedule changes might occur requiring additional wait time at the Animal Centre