Emergency Dept Volunteers

Response Volunteers at Warwick Hospital

Role and responsibilities:

  • Chat to patients - general conversation to socialise with patients who need company
  • Make cups of tea/coffee and fetch cold drinks to patients when required
  • Escort relatives and carers
  • Clean and make up patient trolleys
  • Help replenish stock and tidy linen trolleys and skips


 You will be shown the:

  • Layout of the department and adjacent facilities ie: X-ray, MAU, Pharmacy etc, Minor Injuries
  • Stores, supplies and stationery
  • Linen skips and linen trolley
  • Tea and Coffee making facilities

As a volunteer in the Hospital, you will not be required under any circumstances to participate in the personal care of patients, e.g., washing and dressing, or lifting and handling procedures or any nursing duties.