VOLUNTEER OPENINGS - ADMIN: Director of Events Scheduling

Director of Events Scheduling


Job Description:

 PMI-LA schedules several events for our members.   We have Satellite meetings monthly, Professional Development seminars,  and many more events during the year.   The chapter has one master calendar that all events are listed in.   This main calendar helps everyone know what is scheduled and when marketing needs to be implemented.   


The Director of Events Scheduling needs to develop a team that will keep the master calendar updated and verify that all information is correct. 

Duties are as follows:

  • Reach out to key directors & VPs of the chapter to find out information on upcoming events and meetings
  • Log and code the meetings on the master calendar
  • Develop a process for receiving & processing new events, cancellation of events, and follow-up processes are followed


This is an ideal volunteer position for a chapter member who would like to learn more about the chapter, it is an ideal entry level volunteer position.    


Estimated Time commitment per week:   It is anticipated that this is a 1 to 3 hours a week time commitment





Reports to:  VP of Administration