VOLUNTEER OPENINGS - BoD: VP of Membership (Appointment Candidate for the 2024 Board of Directors)

General Description

A member of the PMI-LA Board of Directors.  Candidates for the Vice President of Membership need to apply via the Board of Directors appointment process and be appointed by a majority vote of the 2024 Board of Directors. All candidates must be PMI-LA members with active memberships in good standing.



To serve in the dual role as a member of the Board of Directors and as Vice President Membership of the management of the Chapter.


2020 Bylaws Description

The Vice President of Membership is

  • Responsible for the management of volunteers including overseeing volunteer recruitment as well as onboarding and transitioning volunteers and assisting with volunteer career paths.
  • Responsible for maintaining volunteer information in the PMI-LA Volunteer Management System (VMS), to be used for capturing, tracking, and reporting of volunteers.
  • Responsible for coordinating with the Vice President of Marketing & Communications to send communications to volunteers, and to new and renewing members.
  • Responsible for new member onboarding and orientation.



As a Member of the Board of Directors:

  • Perform and uphold all duties as specified by the PMI-LA Chapter Bylaws.
  • As a board member, has joint fiduciary responsibility to ensure that the Chapter is maintained as a “going concern”, and that all legal and financial filing and reporting requirements are completed on a timely basis.
  • May sign MOUs as they pertain to Networking Events which have been approved by the Board of Directors.


As Vice President of Membership:

  • Report to the President and Board of Directors in their role as Vice President of Membership.
  • Takes direction from the President and Board of Directors in their role as Vice President of Membership.
  • Perform and uphold all duties as specified by the PMI-LA Chapter Bylaws.
  • Perform and uphold all policies as specified by the PMI-LA Board of Directors.
  • Perform and uphold all management policies as specified by the President and agreed to by the Board in their role as Vice President of Membership.
  • May delegate duties and execution responsibilities, but not accountability, to other members of the Board of Directors or others as appropriate.
  • Review and approve member related promotions to ensure no conflict with the Chapter's interests.
  • Maintain monthly membership records of the Chapter in chapter approved document repository (eg. MS Teams).  This is done by having Business Analyst access to PMI's membership database to download the reports and run metrics, then format for the entire board.
  • Regularly report to the Board of Directors and membership the membership statistical data as required by PMI, the Board of Directors, or the President.
  • Work with the Board of Directors to create policy and procedure to support sound volunteer management practice for the Chapter’s efficient and effective functions.
  • Authorize posting of descriptions of all Chapter volunteer opportunity positions.
  • Work with the Board of Directors to process submitted volunteer opportunities, which support Annual Plan activities.  Volunteer Opportunities are posted on the VMS system home page and linked to the Chapter Website.
  • Work with the Board of Directors to attract, retain, and motivate volunteers (e. g. Volunteer Recruitment Event in Q1, and mid-year recruitment, End of Year Volunteer Recognition Event).  General Theme: “Who is PMI? We are PMI!”  Volunteer recruitment is an on-going process and events can be scheduled more than once a year but must be scheduled in Q1 at a minimum to ensure success of the incoming board.
  • Ensure volunteers sign the Confidentiality Form and re-affirm annually by way of electronic means of keeping track of them.
  • Maintain Chapter VMS System, a database of Chapter volunteers, their interests, knowledge, skills, preferences and abilities.
  • Identify and Maintain a volunteer “career” path with the chapter. 
  • Track Volunteer hours within Chapter VMS system for Chapter recognition at the end of the calendar year and generate certificates for all volunteers.
  • Work with Board of Directors to ensure that Review of Volunteers and Hours Posting is completed on a timely basis for EOY Awards.  Maintain VP and Volunteers Responsibilities Documentation.
  • On-board and De-activate volunteers as they stop volunteering and maintain levels of volunteers.
  • Maintain all videos on volunteer on-boarding and reporting hours thru the chapter VMS system. Maintain Volunteer Application & Volunteer Hours Submission documentation.  Maintain VMS Administrator documentation.
  • Maintain the Lee Mandley Volunteer of the Month Process as well as volunteer criteria for End of Year (EOY) Awards.
  • Responsible for Rewards & Recognition Program evaluation and updates annually with Board of Directors approval.
  • Organize the end of the year volunteer recognition program at a venue selected by the Board of Directors.
  • Identify target populations of members and non-members and create innovative programs such as networking events to engage current members and attract new members to PMI Los Angeles Chapter. Attend events such as Satellite Meetings and marketing outreach events (schools & colleges, job fairs, etc).
  • Schedule and lead Chapter Networking Events throughout the year.  Provide follow-up Surveys to each event for trends analysis.
  • Schedule and lead New Chapter Member Orientation events throughout the year. Maintain NMO documentation & Videos.
  • Responsible for Chapter Volunteer Satisfaction Survey, Annual Chapter Driven Survey, if requested.
  • While available from PMI, manage Chapter Guest Passes provided to interested volunteers.  This is done in conjunction with Military Guest Pass provided by Marketing & Communications Team.  Maintain Guest Pass Redemption documentation.
  • Hold new member and volunteer orientation sessions – in person or virtual or video.
  • In conjunction with Marketing & Communications Team Maintain an inventory of informative literature on PMI and Chapter membership for potential members, new members, and existing members.
  • Work in collaboration with Prof Dev to support Mentor program addendum
  • Takes initiative to communicate with other Vice Presidents to inform and to coordinate Chapter needs.
  • Manage Membership approved budget.
  • Upload Chapter offered PDUs based on operational process adhering to current Continuing Certification Requirements Systems (CCRS) in batch mode to ensure Chapter members have Chapter PDUs uploaded in a timely manner
  • Produce and maintain governance documents in order to guide members of the Membership team.
  • Maintain documents and records on PMI LA’s choice of document management system (e.g. SharePoint)
  • Develop Membership team member’s role description.
  • Onboard and offboard members of the Membership team.
  • Develop and oversee leadership succession planning for Membership and ensure a smooth transition.

Policy Ownership

·         Recognition & Rewards Policy


Strategic and business management skills

  • Data Analysis & Reporting
  • Marketing Skills
  • Proficient use of Survey Tools/Market Research/Demographic Research
  • Proficiency in using PMI Chapter Reporting System (CRS) and when available, the new PMI Thoughtspot system.
  • Networking and Negotiation Skills


Leadership skills

  • Persuasion/Motivation Skills
  • Public Speaking/Presentation Skills
  • Skilled in Strategic Planning and Process Execution


Governance documents knowledge requirement

  • PMI Strategic Plan
  • PMI-LA Chapter Bylaws
  • PMI-LA Chapter Annual Plan
  • PMI-LA Chapter Roles, Responsibilities, & Policies
  • PMI Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) Talent Triangle requirements and eligibility


Role Specific Security Access

  • MOU signatory as it pertains to Networking Events that have been approved by the Board of Directors
  • PMI Chapter Reporting System, Thoughtspot, or other comparable PMI system
  • PMI Chapter Reporting System, Thoughtspot for Business Analyst
  • Online Event Management System security access as determined appropriate to ensure “separation of duties” and internal controls
  • Other information systems security access as determined appropriate to ensure “separation of duties” and internal controls
  • Officer-level access to all Chapter websites (front-end and back-end), including the Office 365 site


Required for the role

  • Preference to at least one year of volunteer experience with PMI-LA, or other PMI affiliated chapters / committees, or a combination of both.


For more information including instructions on how to apply contact the Board of Directors at BOD@PMI-LA.org