VOLUNTEER OPENINGS - ADMIN: Director of Asset Management

Director of Asset Management


Job Description:

PMI-LA has several assets that need to be inventoried and accounted for.    These assets include laptops, projectors, banners, and potentially other items of high value.   The chapter is looking for an individual to form a small team and develop a process that can be used to track and account for all assets that the chapter owns.   Currently the chapter does not have a documented process to track and account for all assets.   Initially, the Asset Management team will need to verify all the existing assets, and develop a method to track the assets.   In addition, a process to check the assets out when needed and check the assets in when not needed needs to be developed.  


This position is ideal for a volunteer who is working toward a PMP certification and needs to have Project Management hours documented for the application process.   This position will help the volunteer develop leadership skills and the ability to document processes and develop procedures.   The ideal volunteer will need to be able to recruit a small team of volunteers to help develop the processes and to account for the chapter’s assets.  


The Director of Asset Management will report to the Vice President of Administration.




Estimated Time commitment per week:   It s anticipated that this is a 1 to 3 hours a week time commitment





Reports to:  VP of Administration