People and Pets Project - PAE Paws

People and Pets Project - PAE Paws

Commencing September 2023

The People and Pets Project provides support to people who may no longer be able to carry out some of their pet’s care needs, due to ageing or disability.

The Project is aimed at older residents with mobility challenges who formally enrol to participate. The participant's dog is then matched with a project volunteer who will assist with dog walking or other pet support functions.

The project sees not only the dog being walked and cared for by the volunteer, but also the nurturing of meaningful social connection between the volunteer and the dog owner.

Dogs will undergo a behaviour assessment before commencing in the project and Volunteers will undertake animal behaviour training to ensure safety for everyone.


  • Visit selected resident on a regular (eg. weekly, fortnightly etc) basis
  • Assist the client with caring for their companion animal; this may include exercising, transporting, and/or bathing/grooming
  • Maintain regular contact with staff and report any issues/concerns in a timely manner. 

Requirements and Conditions

  • A Police Check and DCSI Screening

  • Animal Behaviour Training Volunteer Induction

View the Volunteer Position Statement by clicking here.