Citizen Science

Citizen Science for Nature Lovers

Volunteer individuals and teams known as the “Citizen Scientists of PAE” observe, collect and analysis a range of data relating to the living and non-living environment with the City of PAE. Our citizen scientist can be involved in the observation and recording of birds, vegetation condition photos, insects and even containments such as micro-plastics entering our water ways. All projects are part of a collaborative research effort with professional scientists, environment NGO’s and other Government Agencies.


Flora & Fauna Monitoring

  • Engaging in educational/training activities to learn about urban forests, coasts and all kinds of flora & fauna species.

Monitoring the condition of the urban forest and coastal habitats by regularly:

      • Conducting bird Identification activities; and /or
      • Conducting butterfly identification activities; and/or
      • Monitoring vegetation condition by taking photos; and/or
      • Monitoring weeds; and/or
      • Monitoring pests; and/or
      • Monitoring coast, mangrove condition; and/or
      • Submitting observations using smart phone or PC APP technologies; and/or

Litter monitoring

  • Engaging in relevant educational/training activities in relation to the below:
      • Monitoring, recording and collecting fishing line and tackle from Hook, Line & Thinker bins located at some of Council boat ramps; and/or
      • Providing research support for micro-plastic monitoring projects.

Requirements and Conditions

  • National Police Check
  • Relevant training carried out by Council staff before you start observations in the field

When and Where
You can work anytime of the week, flexible work time, no set hours.

View the Volunteer Position Statement by clicking here.