ABC (Elementary/Preschool) Lead

Lead Volunteers provide leadership and training at her/his school for the successful delivery of the ABC program. This includes coordinating with school staff to obtain books and program materials, and arrange for a meeting room and storage area. The ABC lead manages readers by recruiting volunteers, assigning them to classrooms, and hosting monthly meetings at the school site to distribute and explain lesson plans to the ABC readers. In addition to role modeling and building positive social interactions with adults and students, leads also coordinate with Project Cornerstone to insure accurate monthly reporting and verify that their volunteers have met the volunteer requirements.

Times: August to May of the current school year, time commitment of five to seven hours a month.

Requirements: Project Cornerstone volunteer application, school district requirements, Take It Personally or Assets 101 training, monthly (bi-monthly for preschool) Project Cornerstone trainings to learn about the ABC lessons.