Court Order - Community Service Volunteer

Activity Summary:

Help us create a clean, safe, and attractive environment for everyone who enters our doors! We need a dedicated and organized individual to perform the tasks that will make our facility a place everyone can be proud of.

Under the supervision of our Volunteer Coordinator, the Community Service volunteer will help keep our location clean and updated so we can continue to provide services to our community.

Job Description:

Responsibilities include floor maintenance, vacuuming the Chapel, emptying the trash, and possible event setup. We’ll also ask for your help in looking for more significant beautification projects that might interest a larger group of volunteers.

A volunteer is needed for approximately 20 hours a week. Volunteer hours can be completed Monday-Friday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.


  • 18 years or older
  • Must be able to lift 35 lbs comfortably
  • Reliable, professional, and hard-working
  • Pass the initial screening process


This location background checks all applicants who will be volunteering in our building. 

Alcohol, drugs, and smoking are prohibited at Salvation Army Facilities or volunteer sites. 

Pants and shirts must cover the waistband. Shirts with print are not to be offensive. Shoes are to be closed-toe. We don’t want any injuries done to the toes. Flip flops, shorts, tank tops, undershirts, halter tops, sleeveless shirts, crop tops, spaghetti straps, and strapless tops are not permitted. Transparent, tight, or form-fitting clothes are not permitted. Skirts/dresses must not be worn over two inches above the knee.

Parking is available on-site in our private lot.

Interested volunteers should complete the volunteer application by clicking the “Sign Up” button.

Qualifications Required

  • Background Check
  • How much can you lift comfortably? Must be at least 30 lbs.

Schedule Summary

This activity generally occurs on

  • Monday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Tuesday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Wednesday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Thursday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Friday Morning