Retreat Support Team

Martha Retreat Centre hosts retreats nearly every day!  Retreats may include one-hour sessions or weekend retreats or even weekly retreats!  Retreats may include overnight accommodation and meals.  Martha’s Retreat rely on volunteers for the success of these experiences for participants. Retreats need volunteer support for food preparation support, ironing and cleaning. 

Volunteers can help in the following ways:



· Bake desserts, such as cookies and squares for retreat experiences, volunteers and volunteer recognition events, guests and for special events.

· Volunteer Bakers are asked to use the Martha Retreat commercial kitchen when preparing the desserts. 


Sous Chef

· Volunteers support the chef by preparing food with cutting, peeling, prepping and cleaning the kitchen area. 

· Volunteers may also be asked to assist with serving food, if required. 



· Remove used linens from beds following a retreat.

· Make the bed with fresh linens.

· Assist with laundry, if required.

· Ironing linens, if required.

· Return linens to the drawers in designated rooms (sheets are designated a room number).