Hospitality Team

Volunteers in hospitality serve a very important role; they act as ambassadors for Martha Retreat Centre and give those visiting the Centre a great experience—some, for their very first time!  Hospitality Volunteers make people feel warmly welcomed and included, relay important information and play a part in building security.  

Hospitality Volunteers are typically seen welcoming participants to sessions or events.  This is a role for people who are outgoing and care that people have a great experience! 

Duties include:

· Preparing coffee, tea and snacks.

· Arranging the meeting room area to suit the needs of the session (moving chairs, tables), and then moving them back once the session is over. 

· Tidying the front entrance—this might include sweeping the front entrance so it is free of leaves or putting salt down in winter. 

· As participants arrive, warmly welcoming them, taking attendance, relaying important information, wayfinding.

· Once things get started, engage the front entrance deadbolt to secure the building.  If there are people arriving late and ring the doorbell, let them in. 



· Since sessions and events happen all the time at Martha Retreat Centre, Hospitality Volunteers are needed during the day, evening and weekends.  We have something that will fit your schedule!

· Volunteers are asked to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the session or event.