Prayer Team

 A prayer team is a group of people who come together to pray for a specific cause or intention.   The Martha Retreat Centre’s Volunteer Prayer Team prays for people who are sick, for personal guidance, for the success of a goal, or the well-being of the community or community members.  This is a very fulfilling volunteer placement and is sincerely appreciated by those who request this service. 

Martha Retreat Centre accepts prayer requests throughout the week and communicates these to the Prayer Team once a week.  The Prayer Team dedicates their time for intentional prayer either in person, as a group, or virtually. 

Because Martha Retreat Centre was founded by the Sisters of St. Martha in 1950, the nuns are also part of the prayer team and pray for people of Southern Alberta from their ministry in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. 


Prayer Team volunteers can help by setting aside some time each week to dedicate to intentional prayer.  Volunteers may choose to do this as a group or in their home.