Animal Transport Driver

GOAL for this position: 

As an Animal Transport Driver, your role will provide hands-on support to our busy animal centres through activities such as

transferring animals between animal centres to find loving families, driving animals to medical appointments, and picking up local donations.  

Transportation is a critical step that has a huge impact on the lives of animals in our animal centres every single day. 


Volunteer Role:

  • Provide round-trip transportation to various veterinary appointments, centres, and pick up locations
  • Be punctual and dependable when picking up the animal(s) at the scheduled time
  • Ensure you have the required paperwork, directions, caging, leashes, and animal(s) prior to leaving for the destination
  • Check with staff as to any special consideration or needs of the animal(s) prior to transport
  • Inform staff of any changes in the health of the animal(s), schedule, or destination
  • Carry/ guide animal(s) into the location and inform destination of the arrival of the animal
  • Ensure the animal is securely fastened into the vehicle, using appropriate locking mechanisms and proper restraining clasps, to avoid any harm to the vehicle or other passengers
  • Do not leave animals unattended 
  • Follow Ontario laws and safe driving practices

Skill Requirements: 

  • 18 years of age or older with a valid Full G Ontario Driver's License
  • Have access to a vehicle that is roadworthy, insured, reliable, and suitable to transport animals.
  • Clear driver record 
  • Animal handling experience is an asset 
  • Comfortable driving in inclement weather 
  • Ability to follow Ontario SPCA best practices guidelines. 


Working Conditions: 

  • Travel might be required during inclement weather conditions on rural remote roads. 
  • Bending, lifting, or reaching will be required when loading and unloading animals, along with some heavy lifting.  

Personal Benefits: 

  • Directly impact our ability to further extend our resources for animals in need. 
  • Learn about best practices in animal handling and transport.  
  • Make like-minded friends, non-furry and furry! 
  • Behind the scenes access to our animal centres. 
  • Access to our knowledgeable staff and wellness resources.  
  • Ability to customize your schedule, choose your assignments and update your profile, through our online community. 

Time Commitment: 

We recognize your time contribution to being a volunteer. Therefore, we support a customized approach to your schedule to best suit your availability.

During our onboarding process, we will capture your time preferences and availability. 

We are always looking for individuals who are dependable and responsible.

This role is flexible and can operate daily depending on the need.

As part of the driving team, you can select the transportation appointments you want to take based on your schedule.  


Orientation and Training 

Before you start your journey with us, our organization will provide you with the following training: 

  • Infection Control 
  • How to access our online community 
  • Fear Free concepts  
  • Animal transportation processes and best practices  
  • AODA  

We will indicate which training will be required prior to your commencement, and which training we encourage you to participate in at your earliest convenience.  


Supervision and Support 

As a volunteer, you will be supported by the animal centre staff. This staff partner will provide you with training for your specific role,

your schedule, and any required feedback or updates. The Volunteer Development Team will always be available to offer support and guidance. 

You will also have direct access to our online community, where you can find organizational updates, posted information, and contact information for your staff partners.