Conferences - MN Conference on Volunteer Engagement Leadership Committee Member

Position: MN Conference on Volunteer Engagement Leadership Committee Member


Purpose of Position:  Work with conference committee to design, market and deliver an annual MAVA-sponsored Minnesota Conference on Volunteer Engagement Leadership.


Accountable To: Conference co-chairs


Term of Commitment: 2 years




  1. Work with committee to update annual work plan/timeline
  2. Work with committee to choose conference dates, location, and price and to obtain executive director and board approval.
  3. Work with committee to choose theme, tracks and keynote/plenary speakers and obtain executive director approval.
  4. Request speaker, food, venue and AV budget from executive director.
  5. Make sure speaker RFP is sent according to the timeline and speakers are notified according to the timeline.
  6. Work with committee to prepare short descriptions for each workshop and post on the conference website.
  7. Make sure content committee collects speaker biographies and has them posted to the website.
  8. Help to market and promote conference and to provide regular outreach to nonprofits and government agencies in Greater Minnesota and solicit conference participation
  9. Work with committee to make sure marketing messages are sent to MAVA Membership Manager on at  least a monthly basis.
  10. Volunteer at conference to assure smooth delivery.


Skills Needed:

  1. Knowledge of MAVA mission and activities and ability to represent goals of MAVA.
  2. Leadership and/or project management skills.
  3. Experience in working on collaborative efforts.
  4. Experience in event planning.



  • Play an important role in executing major volunteer engagement conference.
  • Enhance management skills and knowledge of national and state work.
  • Enhance event planning and leadership skills.
  • Network with leaders of voluntary efforts from many streams of service, including corporate, government, human services, faith communities and healthcare fields.