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Office work- Misc 1


Our Social Recreation Programs are designed to help people with disabilities to increase independence by having fun socializing with peers. Activities take place at STAR Center and are supervised by trained (and fun) staff and the help of volunteers, like you! These are social groups where the participants can socialize with their friends, play games, plant and grow fruits and vegetables, dance to music, and participate in the arts.



Activity Shifts Start End
Lifetime Fitness 1
Mind*Body*Fun 1
Tacoma Garden Society 1
Thurs Daytimes 1
Tues Daytimes 1
Tuesday Night Activity Group 1
Wednesday Night Social Group 1

Special Olympics & Sports

Metro Parks Specialized Recreation offers 9 different sports year round. Our athletes practice once a week at various locations around Tacoma. We need volunteers to assist as head coaches, assistant coaches, equipment managers, and other supportive roles. All are welcome regardless of sports knowledge and coaching experience.




Activity Shifts Start End
Bowling- MONDAY 1
SO Basketball 1
SO Bowling 1
SO Cycling 1
SO Flag Football 1
SO Golf 1
SO Softball 1
SO Track and Field 1

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