Coronet Peak (23 Aug -2 Sept)

Coronet Peak will host an exciting Alpine ski racing programme with FIS Australia New Zealand Cups (ANC) in Giant Slalom, Slalom and Super G races alongside a Para Super G. 

Transport to Coronet Peak- There is no organised transport but we can help connect you up with other who are heading up there from the Queenstown area

We recommend that if you require transport from Wanaka please sign-up for Cardrona or Snow Farm roles.

Dates & Competitions for 2019

Mon 26 Aug- Alpine & Para Super G

Tues 27 Aug- Alpine & Para Super G

Wed 28 Aug- weather day

Thur 29 Aug- no race

Fri 30 Aug- Alpine GS 

Sat 31 Aug- Alpine GS 

Sun 1 Sept- Alpine Slalom

Mon 2 Sept- Alpine Slalom