* Trainings


The new volunteer/intern orientation is REQUIRED for all regular, ongoing volunteers. Please double check that you are signing up for the right location (YSS - Ames or IHYC - Des Moines). Once you complete the orientation, volunteer opportunities will be available for you to sign up!

For questions regarding orientation and other volunteering at YSS please contact the YSS Volunteer Coordinator, Sarina Flathers at volunteercoordinator@yss.org or call 515-233-3141, ext. 4476.

For the Des Moines orientation and volunteering at IHYC please contact IHYC Volunteer Coordinator, Betsy Penisten at bpenisten@yss.org or call 515-883-2379, ext. 8614.




Additionally, we offer a wide variety of trainings from month to month to volunteers and interns at whatever cost it would be for our staff (typically no-charge). If you are a YSS or IHYC volunteer or intern and would like to attend any of the trainings listed below, please feel free to sign up! 

Once you are signed up for a training, please RSVP to Saul Hammond at shammond@yss.org.

Activity Shifts Start End
AMES - General New Volunteer/Intern Orientation 65 2/21/2019 6/28/2019
DES MOINES - General New Volunteer Orientation Training 129 2/20/2019 10/2/2019