Sheep Steward

Sheep Stewards ensure the safety and well-being of Governors Island's flock of landscaping sheep. Volunteers play an essential role in caring for the sheep while educating visitors about biodiversity and ecological gardening.


Position Description:

Sheep Stewards:

  • Ensure the safety and comfort of the Island's sheep through attentive supervision
  • Guarantee sheep have adequate food and water
  • Rotate sheep safely between day grazing areas and night paddocks in Hammock Grove
  • Educate visitors about the importance of biodiversity and the Horticulture team's work to expand biodiversity on Governors Island
  • Remove invasive species through handpulling and pruning

This is an on-Island position. Sheep Steward shifts take place on weekends May through October. Shifts are half-day assignments. Volunteer projects take place in Hammock Grove, the urban forest central to Governors Island. Volunteers manage their schedule and sign up for open shifts in their volunteer profile.

The responsibilities of this position are two-fold: supervising the Island's sheep and engaging with visitors. Getting to know the Island's sheep and sharing information about them to visitors can be a highly rewarding component to this position.

Volunteer Expectations

Sheep Stewards are expected to commit to at least 10 volunteer hours each month. This is equivalent to about 3 shifts each month. This regular commitment ensures appropriate coverage to oversee the sheep.


Successful Sheep Steward volunteers: 

  • Love the outdoors and are comfortable working in dense foliage
  • Have experience or comfort working with livestock
  • Enjoy engaging the public on issues of biodiversity
  • Can work collaboratively with others
  • Arrive to shifts as scheduled

Volunteers are expected to follow safety and health protocols for proper sheep care.This is an entirely outdoors positions, so volunteers should feel comfortable working outside in various conditions, performing manual tasks, and getting their hands dirty.


All Sheep Stewards undergo a training process, where volunteer receive training on proper sheep care and public engagement. Trainings take place in April 2024, with limited training opportunities during the summer season.

All Sheep Steward volunteers receive a free volunteer T-shirt and name tag at their first volunteer shift. This shift not only acts as your uniform, it allows you to board the Governors Island ferry for free. This applies to Trust for Governors Island-operated ferries and is not applicable to New York City Ferry.

If you have any questions about this position, please reach out to