1. Orientations

Every opportunity starts with an orientation. This is how we get to know you, you get to know us, and we give you all the behind-the-scenes information you need to make volunteering with us a success!


For best results, please read through our Volunteer Handbook (accessible off the home page) before coming to an orientation. 


See you soon!

Activity Shifts Start End
Vancouver Farmers Markets Volunteer Orientation 1 7/11/2017 7/11/2017


Inside Jobs 

These opportunities usually happen inside our office during the week. They can be anything from filing and data entry to market money counting with our awesome Office Coordinator, Christa. 

(psst... they're great for people who want to help out but have a hard time being outside in the rain!)

Activity Shifts Start End
Market Money Counting 23 6/26/2017 12/18/2017


Musicians & Entertainers

Our markets are vibrant, family-friendly places thanks to the efforts of talented people like yourself. Thank you for applying to share your artistic skills with our shoppers this year.

Activity Shifts Start End
Face Paint / Balloon Art - Riley Park 1 6/24/2017 6/24/2017
Face Paint / Balloon Art - Kitsilano 0 6/25/2017 10/22/2017
Face Paint / Balloon Art - Mount Pleasant 16 6/25/2017 10/8/2017
Face Paint / Balloon Art - Trout Lake 0 6/24/2017 10/21/2017
Musician - Downtown 9 6/29/2017 10/5/2017
Musician - Kitsilano 10 6/25/2017 10/22/2017
Musician - Main Street 8 6/28/2017 10/4/2017
Musician - Mount Pleasant 4 6/25/2017 10/8/2017
Musician - Riley Park 2017 1 6/24/2017 10/7/2017
Musician - Trout Lake 0 6/24/2017 10/21/2017
Musician - West End 2 6/24/2017 10/21/2017

Downtown Farmers Market

Vancouver’s urban market

We’re thrilled to announce that our Downtown Market at Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza opens June 1, 2017! The new home of our Thursday Yaletown Market, this local food destination is just 4 blocks north of its former location, situated on the corner of Georgia & Hamilton. Shop fresh weekly with all the same great farms and producers you know and love from Yaletown – bringing you the finest quality fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry, baked goods, artisan food and craft, fresh fish, and local craft beer, wine and spirits.

More info, hours and location

Activity Shifts Start End
Market Host 7 6/29/2017 10/5/2017

Kitsilano Farmers Market

Where market meets yoga meets beach!

Each week the parking lot of Kits Community Centre fills with organic and conventional product, meat, cheese, seafood and plants as well as tasty baked goods, beautiful crafts and musical entertainment by local musicians. Kids can enjoy the playground and waterpark nearby and parents will find the best selection of organic produce around. Hot coffee and hot food available on site each week.

More info, hours & location details


Activity Shifts Start End
Special Event Volunteer - Tomato Festival 2 8/27/2017 8/27/2017

Main Street Station Farmers Market

The mid-week re-stock market

Located at the bustling commuter intersection at Main and Terminal, Main Street Station market returns for it’s 7th season. Access by bus and Skytrain is exceptional at this very central location. The market vendors will line up on the east side of Thornton Park on the sidewalk along Station Street. There is ample room for pedestrians to walk along the sidewalk or detour into the park if they wish.

You can expect to find a great selection of vendors at this market – everything from produce to meat and cheese, baking and more! Have dinner at the market as we’ll be offering hot food on-site too. Come hang out and relax in the park on a warm summer evening.

More info, hours and location

Activity Shifts Start End
Market Host 6 6/28/2017 10/4/2017
Special Event Volunteer - Berry Festival 2015 1 7/12/2017 7/12/2017

Mount Pleasant Farmers Market

Vancouver’s small town market

One of our newest farmers markets, Mt Pleasant Farmers Market has already become a community gathering place.  Neighbours amble over from a block away, dog owners pick up a coffee and some flowers on their mid-day walk, and families heading to the playground grab a bunch of carrots and some fresh salmon for dinner.

Join the conversation: Find us on Facebook, follow @Vanmarkets #mtpleasant on Twitter – we’re #mtpleasantfarmersmarket on Instagram too

More info, hours and location



Activity Shifts Start End
Market Host 27 6/25/2017 10/8/2017
Special Event Volunteer - Berry Festival 2017 2 7/16/2017 7/16/2017


Activity Shifts Start End
What's in Season? 1

Riley Park Farmers Market 2017

Riley Park (Ontario St @ 30th Avenue)

Saturdays June 24th - October 7th, 2017

10am - 2pm

Activity Shifts Start End
Market Host 29 6/24/2017 10/7/2017
Special Events Volunteer - Opening Day 0 6/24/2017 6/24/2017


We host in-market dot surveys and occasionally do research surveys in new market locations.
Activity Shifts Start End
Dot Surveys - Riley Park 2017 10 9/2/2017 9/30/2017

Trout Lake Farmers Market

Where it all began

This is where you’ll find the vendors who have been doing it since the beginning; what started as 14 farmers ‘squatting’ at the Croatian Cultural Centre back in 1995 has grown into Vancouver’s most well-known and beloved market. Visitors come from near and far to sample artisan breads and preserves, stock up on free-range and organic eggs and meats, get the freshest, hard-to-find heirloom vegetables and taste the first Okanagan cherries and peaches of the season.

Come meet your friends and neighbours, pick up supplies for a picnic by the lake, or just rub shoulders with farmers who care about the future of the land as much as the food they put on your plate.

More info, hours and location!



Activity Shifts Start End
Market Host 36 6/24/2017 10/21/2017
Special Event Volunteer - Tomato Festival 2 8/26/2017 8/26/2017

West End Farmers Market

Vancouver’s best kept secret

Located in the heart of Vancouver’s busy West End, this laid-back Saturday market looks onto beautiful Nelson Park and adjacent community gardens. Weekly, West Enders can enjoy the best in local produce, prepared foods and crafts. Hot food and coffee on-site as well. Take the dog for a walk and enjoy a market in your urban backyard.

More info, hours and location

Activity Shifts Start End
Market Host 9 6/24/2017 10/21/2017

Mission Statement


be a leading force toward healthy farms and people


transform our global food system by creating and nurturing a local, sustainable and vibrant marketplace for our community, environment and economy.


As a society that oversees and administers multiple neighbourhood farmers markets in Vancouver, YLFMS operates with the following set of defined values.


The shortest distance between the producer and the consumer for seasonal and value- added items grown and made in B.C., or for those products that are “uniquely Canadian” and are brought to market by the producer. No out-of-Canada imports are allowed and nothing is re-sold.


Sustainability is defined by a self-sufficient non-profit society (where outputs do not exceed inputs on any resource level including human, financial, creative, environmental, etc) with: clear governance policies that define the nature of full participation from its main stakeholder groups; clear recognition, endorsement and support from the municipality; fair and clear working standards for all staff; simple, user-friendly working systems in office and at markets; well-articulated, realizable plan for growth and development in all areas.

Community approach

A community approach actively seeks participation from, and development with, community members including neighbourhood market residents and supporters, area businesses, and institutions. A community approach also operates with an awareness of who is not participating, evaluates why this is and if and how those left-out can be included.