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Welcome to the Hull Sport Volunteering dashboard. Use this to see what volunteering opportunities we have that you can get involved with. You can also apply to be a volunteer and start signing up to shifts by using the 'Fill in an application' link on the right.

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General Interests

2 - Sport Session Delivery

Activity Shifts Start End
Futsal Just Play 6 5/23/2019 6/27/2019
Just Play Football 11 5/24/2019 6/28/2019
Squash 10 5/27/2019 6/26/2019
Staff Football 20 5/24/2019 7/30/2019
Volleyball 5 5/27/2019 6/24/2019

3 - Project Ambassadors

Activity Shifts Start End
Fabulass Ambassador 11 5/23/2019 6/27/2019

4 - Other roles and events

Activity Shifts Start End
Mystery Shopper 1

Mission Statement

We are the University of Hull Sport Development Team. Welcome to our volunteer portal. Our mission is to inspire the student community to engage in sport and active recreation, with a reputation for excellence.

Here you can view the current volunteer opportunities we have available, apply to be a volunteer with us and choose which opportunities you would like to get involved with.

Please use the application form link at the top to sign up. If you have any problems please send us an email: