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Thank you for your interest in volunteering at The Women's Community!

Are you looking to give back in the community and feel fulfilled in helping people? Volunteering at The Women's Community helps victims in need, in any capacity. Volunteers help in many ways, from keeping our pantry stocked and in order to going to the hospital to be with a victim after an assault. 

If you have more questions after looking through the opportunities please reach out to Allie at

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Hospital ER Victim Advocate

Hospital Victim Advocates are vital to victims getting an exam after an assault. At the hospital, volunteer advocates provide support to the victim by demonstrating empathy, compassion, and strength. Provide information and referrals, community resources, and safety planning. Training is provided for this extremely rewarding role.  

We ask for at least a one-year commitment, as the training for this role is more extensive. Previous experience is not required, training will be provided. Must be 18 years old. Training required: volunteer orientation, webinars, continued education, and all of the following:

How will I know if this is the right time for me to volunteer at The Women's Community?

  • If you identify as a survivor, it has been at least 1 year since you became personally connected to the issue of sexual violence, and, if applicable, it has been at least 1 year since you have stopped receiving services. Additionally, if you identify as a survivor, you have processed your experience through counseling or another method and you do not feel a sense of crisis in your daily life.
  • You are not currently struggling with substance use or self-harm.
  • You have a strong support system in place and can identify those whom would be supportive of your volunteer experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for volunteering as a victim advocate?

Volunteer victim advocates must be 18 years of age or older, pass a criminal background check, reference check, complete an initial interview process, and attend required training. They must also have access to a telephone.

Can I choose what times I am on-call?

Yes. As long as you honor your commitment, you can choose shifts based on what works best within your schedule. We ask for two 4hr shifts a month. The need is overnight from 5 pm - 7 am during the week, weekends, and holidays.

When are high call times?

We don't have high call times, calls are sporadic and can be any time. 

How long do calls usually go?

Calls can range from less than a half hour to sometimes hours depending on what the exam entails and what support the victim wants.

Where do I go for cases?

We serve Marathon County at both Aspirus ER and Marshfield Medical Center Weston ER. We ask you to be there within an hour of getting the call.

Will there be assistance when I am on a call if I need help?

Yes, we have staff available to help if you are in need. We will talk more about this in training.

Do I need to be in a social service field to do this volunteer work?

No, we have Advocates that come from all different types of career paths and we welcome that diversity!

Shelter Advocate

Volunteers are needed to provide information about safety planning, referrals, community resources, emergency shelter, and our domestic abuse and sexual assault services, during office hours. Duties include answering the 24-hour support line, assisting residents living in the emergency shelter, and providing support to callers and residents.

Previous experience is not required, training will be provided. Must be 18 years old. Training required: in-person interview, volunteer orientation, webinars, on the job shadowing, and all of the following:


Provision of childcare for clients who access our services. Parents sometimes need childcare so they can apply for jobs, go to appointments, or just need a break. We also need childcare volunteers to assist during support groups. Must be 15 years old.

Training required: in-person interview, volunteer orientation, webinars, and all of the following:

Prevention Education Classroom Assistant

Volunteers are needed to assist Advocates in classroom setting at area schools. Classroom Volunteer Assistants will assist with activities and classroom management for grades K-5. Presentations take place after school and during the Summer Learning session. General need is afternoons about 3-5pm during the school year. Summer time varies. 

Training required: in-person interview, volunteer orientation, webinars, and all of the following:

Fundraising Committee

Join our fundraising efforts to help raise funds through various committees such as Hooray for Hollywood, Chase’n Chocolate 5k Run-Walk, and/or the SafeFur Homes Dog Walk Festival fundraiser. Volunteer to plan, solicit donations, and set up the event!


Pantry volunteers help sort in-kind donations in our pantry for clients. Pantry volunteers also organize and restock the pantry. They also keep stock of what we have and what we need. Some training required.


Volunteers in reception provide administrative support for the agency. They perform reception duties, like transfer calls, provide general information regarding our services, and refer callers to appropriate programs or other community resources.

Hydroponic Garden Tender

Assist with our two hydro-gardens on site to help grow a variety of things for our clients, anything from herbs to vegetables to flowers. Volunteers will be trained how to use the hydro-gardens and maintain the gardens, from planting the seeds, checking the water levels, harvesting what grew, and cleaning the machine after a harvest.

Legislative Action Team

Join our Legislative Action Team to benefit victims and the impact laws make on their lives. You would be contacting legislators on behalf of yourself, but it is volunteer time. Whether that is calling, emailing, or tweeting, we are hoping to make a positive impact in the lives of te victims we serve. 

This role would be a volunteer from home role. The volunteer coordinator will send out info as we get it. 


This is for other ideas you have for volunteering that don't fit in any other category!

Donate your time to do yoga with clients, give hair cuts/style clients hair, or anything else you might have in mind. 

Mission & Vision Statements

Mission Statement:

The mission of The Women’s Community is to provide specialized services and resources to people in central Wisconsin affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and human trafficking.  Our goal is to help individuals and families attain greater emotional and economic self-sufficiency.

Vision Statement:

TWC is a model organization that empowers communities and individuals who have survived the effects of violence and oppression through the provision of quality programming, advocacy, and education.  The ultimate goal is to reduce/eradicate violence.