Opportunities - Improving Person-Centred Primary Care in Alberta: Co-designing Strategies to Implement Person-Centred Quality Indicators

Improving Person-Centred Primary Care in Alberta: Co-designing Strategies to Implement Person-Centred Quality Indicators

University of Calgary



Since 2015, our study team led by Dr. Maria Santana at the University of Calgary, has co-developed a set of 26 Person-Centred Quality Indicators (PC-QIs) with Alberta patients, healthcare providers, quality improvement experts, and stakeholders in person-centred care across Canada and internationally. The PC-QIs were developed to provide a way for healthcare systems in Canada to measure and evaluate person-centred care, based on what matters to patients. By evaluating person-centred care from the patient perspective (by asking patients about their experiences through surveys and combining data from many patients), healthcare systems are able to make the changes needed to improve how they deliver care and improve patient experiences. Some research has shown that improving the patient experience and partnering with patients in their care can also improve patient health and reduce costs to the healthcare system.

Our aim is to implement the PC-QIs to improve person-centred primary care in Alberta. Prior to implementing these, we are conducting research to co-design strategies that will help to support implementation. There can be barriers to introducing new initiatives in healthcare such as surveys being too long for patients, or that healthcare staff do not have the time or resources to collect and review the data from patients. This can make implementation challenging.

We would like to design implementation strategies with patients, primary care providers, and staff who support quality improvement to help address these barriers and support the use of PC-QIs to improve person-centred care in Alberta.


Roles and Responsibilities

We are seeking patient partners to be part of a consensus panel. A consensus panel is made up of people with expertise in a specific area who will provide important feedback to the study. We envision this panel having 5-9 individuals, including patients (2-3), family doctors (1-2), and staff who support quality improvement at healthcare clinics in Alberta (2-3).

This panel will specifically look at prioritizing the Person-Centred Quality Indicators (PC-QIs), based on what matters most to them (top 5 of 26).  For example, a person may value evaluating “Respectful and Compassionate Care” more than “Timely Access to a Primary Care Provider”. We would like to make sure that the PC-QIs we start with are those that are most important to patients.

We will also ask panel members to provide us with feedback on what strategies they think will be most important for making implementation of the PC-QIs successful (e.g. how to engage patients in completing surveys about their care).


Time Commitment

The time commitment for providing expertise is about 3 hours between July 21- September 19, 2021. However, more meetings may be requested with the team to learn more background or ask additional questions. There are 3 main activities:

  1. 1-hour web-based survey where partners will identify priority indicators and provide feedback on strategies to implement Person-Centred Quality Indicators. This can be completed anytime between July 21 – August 4, 2021.
  2. 1 ½  hour Zoom meeting to review the results from the survey and seek consensus on the priority indicators and strategies for implantation. A doodle poll will be sent for a date between August 16-27th.
  3. 30-minute web-based survey to review the results and provide any final comments – done anytime between September 6-19th.



While the role is primarily volunteer, each consensus member will be offered a $50 electronic gift card to a place of their choosing as a small thank you.

No out-of-pocket expenses are expected as all activities can be completed online and remotely.

Our research team also welcomes patient partners to collaborate as co-authors in the research publication (volunteer, with additional time commitment) if this is of interest to them.


For more information or to apply, please contact:

Kimberly Manalili                                                        Maria Santana

kmanalil@ucalgary.ca                                                mjsantan@ucalgary.ca