Opportunities - Improving Antidepressant Therapy in Alberta

Improving Antidepressant Therapy in Alberta

University of Calgary & University of Alberta



Antidepressants are one of the most commonly used medications by Albertans and other Canadians. Although these drugs are generally considered to be safe and effective, many people that take these medications experience undesirable effects that are preventable.

Pharmacogenomic testing is a special type of genetic testing that can be used to identify individuals at greatest risk for undesirable effects of these medications. In Alberta, this testing is not yet offered by Alberta Health Services. However, a team of researchers and doctors from the Universities of Calgary and Alberta are currently developing a pharmacogenomic testing service that aims to improve the safety and effectiveness of antidepressant medications for Albertans.

This project is looking to receive input and feedback from individuals with lived experience of depression and antidepressant medications to inform our plans for pharmacogenomic testing in Alberta.


Roles and Responsibilities

This is a participant opportunity. Volunteers would be expected to participate in a single 1 hour online Zoom interview with a University of Calgary researcher.

Volunteers will be asked to share their views on the plans and design for pharmacogenomic testing to assist doctors in prescribing antidepressant medications in Alberta.


Time Commitment

The interviews are expected to be held in July and August.

The single interview will be about 1 hour long.


Reimbursement and Compensation

This is a volunteer opportunity.

There are no travel costs expected.


For more information or to apply for this opportunity please contact:


Jennifer Terpstra                                            Chad Bousman

Jennifer.terpstra@ucalgary.ca                       chad.bousman@ucalgary.ca