Opportunities - Evaluating Older Adult Care Continuums in Alberta and Manitoba: A Comparative Analysis

Evaluating Older Adult Care Continuums in Alberta and Manitoba: A Comparative Analysis

University of Manitoba



This research is being done by a group of researchers, health care planners, and patient partners from Manitoba and Alberta. This is an online opportunity, looking for patient participants.

The project consists of a series of online surveys that will be conducted with the goal of identifying the most important factors that can help older adults (age 65+) to live successfully in the community (e.g., things that help people to be independent, safe, and have as high a quality of life as possible). There will be 3 surveys over the course of 3 months and each survey may take up to 30 minutes. The process is expected to be complete by mid-October 2019.

The surveys will be completed through an online survey platform. Participants will receive an email with a link to access the surveys or arrangements can be made to complete the surveys over the phone. Participants will be asked to consider a summary of their own results from the previous survey as compared to the combined group results before completing the 2nd and 3rd surveys.

Participation in the study is completely voluntary and confidential. None of the participants will see each other’s individual responses.

The goal of this research is to come to an agreement among the caregiver participants on the most important factors that can help older adults live successfully in the community and prevent premature admission to long term care facilities.


With your support and valuable expertise, we can help planners identify the types of programs and services that are needed to help older adults remain in the community!


Roles and Responsibilities

The study is looking for 3 people who meet the following criteria:

  • Must have experience as a caregiver for an older adult aged 65+, providing unpaid assistance with tasks such as transportation, personal care, etc.
    • May also have personal experience with the older adult continuum of care. Examples of this are experiences such as having made transitions through the health care system, received home care, etc.
  • Caregiving must have been provided to an older adult who resides in Winnipeg or Edmonton.


The survey process will be using something called a Delphi technique which uses surveys to get a group of people with expertise on a topic to come to a consensus on certain issues. After each survey, participants will receive feedback of their results to compare with the results from the rest of the group. After being given these results, participants will be asked to reconsider their answers for the next survey. Each survey will be mostly the same, but factors that have already reached consensus will be removed. By the end of the third survey, we should have a list of factors that everyone agrees are important to helping older adults remain in the community.


The survey will be available online. If you do not have access to email or the internet, arrangements can be made for the Study Coordinator to do the survey over the phone with you. The Study Coordinator is also available to help with navigating the survey online.


Time Commitment

The project is intended to start mid-August and finish by mid-October 2019.

Participants will be asked to participate in 3 surveys over the course of the 3 months and each survey will take approximately 30 minutes. Participants will be asked to review the results of the previous survey before completing the next one. Overall, we are asking for about 1.5 hours of participation.



This is an online or telephone opportunity.

Participation in the survey would be on a volunteer basis. No compensation will be provided.


Contact Information

Interested in sharing your experiences with us? Please connect with us:


Megan Campbell




Dr. Malcolm Doupe