Opportunities - Advisory Council for Middle-Aged Resilience and Resistance Study (MARRS)

Advisory Council for Middle-Aged Resilience and Resistance Study (MARRS)

Aging, Residents, and Caregivers (ARC) Research Unit, University of Regina



The midlife – typically defined as the ages between 45-64 years – has been largely overlooked in research. The limited literature that exists focuses mostly on the undesirable aspects of midlife (e.g., midlife crises, empty nest syndromes, menopausal transition) rather than the desirable aspects that may provide a more complete picture of the middle years. It is therefore important to consider ways in which representations of the midlife years can be challenged to represent these years more accurately. The Middle-Aged Resilience and Resistance Study (MARRS) is therefore focused on changing the narrative on aging.


Roles and Responsibilities

The project is looking for individuals from across Canada, between the ages of 45 and 64 years and/or those familiar with or engaged with this age group to join their Advisory Council. Some experience with community engagement, outreach, or partnerships is an asset.

As a member of the Advisory Council you will be asked to share your thoughts and opinions at all stages of the research cycle, including study design, data collection and analysis, recruitment of participants, and dissemination (sharing the results).

For example, you may be asked to share your insights and personal experiences with aging to help us design our next study, provide input and feedback on interview questions that we will ask participants in future studies to make sure they are easily understood and capture what is important to those experiencing midlife, assist us with participant recruitment for current studies by reaching out to relevant organizations in your community, and share the findings from past studies within your networks and in ways that are friendly and accessible.


Time Commitment

Members of the Advisory Council will be asked to attend online monthly 1-2 hour meeting for 2 years starting January 2022 and ending December 2023. There will be additional opportunities to provide email feedback and support other tasks between meetings.



Members of the Advisory Council will be compensated at a rate of $25 per hour for their time and contribution to the MARRS project. This project is conducted online so there are no associated travel expenses.


For more information or to apply please connect with:

Natasha.Gallant@uregina.ca          Phone: (306) 585.4219