Opportunities - Become a member of Health Research Ethics Boards or Animal Ethics Committee at the University of Alberta

Become a member of a Health Research Ethics Board or Animal Ethics Committee at the University of Alberta
University of Alberta Research Ethics Office

The University of Alberta Research Ethics Office manages eight different committees, which are responsible for providing ethics reviews for all University staff and student research involving living human participants (or their data or clinical specimens) and all research, teaching and testing involving animals. On the Research Ethics Board (REB), there are two different committees: Human Participant Research Ethics and Animal Ethics. 

Human Participant Research Ethics Committee: 
The role of community members on REBs is primarily to reflect the perspective of research participants: bringing awareness to the concerns and ethical implications that research may have on participants, especially in situations where risks to participants are moderate to high. Typically, the REB tries to engage people who have also been research participants themselves, as they often have a vital, first-hand experience, and make an important contribution to the ethics review process. 

Animal Ethics Committee:
Community representatives who join this committee contribute to the welfare of animals used in science through taking part in the review of research protocols, contributing to decision-making, and helping identify and address the opinions and concerns that might be raised by the external community. 

Roles and Responsibilities
Currently, we are seeking volunteers from the Edmonton-area to sit on each of the Health Research Ethics Board (REBs), the Health Panel and Biomedical Panel as well as on the Animal Ethics Committees. These ethics boards and committees review research being conducted by researchers affiliated with the University of Alberta, Alberta Health Services (AHS) or Covenant Health, or research being conducted in the facilities of AHS or Covenant Health. 

For the Animal Ethics Committees, anyone from the Edmonton-area can join, as long as they do not use animals for scientific purposes and are not formally associated with the University. Being actively interested in the care and use of animals, a willingness and ability to work constructively with members of animal care and use programs are essential for this Committee.

Your contribution as part of these ethics boards is important because it ensures that all ethical concerns are considered as research moves forward.

Time Commitment
The committees meet for a half day each month, which must be attended in-person and require review of materials through an online system. The review of materials typically happens between committee meetings, so a flexible schedule is beneficial.

A three-year commitment is usually standard and we do our best to match your interests with available opportunities.

Parking and coffee on meeting days will be reimbursed/provided. Additionally, new members are offered an orientation and training session; have the opportunity to understand and learn about research, while interacting with researchers and students in a wide variety of fields; and may be able to attend seminars or workshops. 

Contact Information
Interested in becoming a member of a Research Ethics Board or Animal Ethics Committee? Connect with us: 

Kimberley Kordov
(780) 492-2615