Opportunities - Share your Experiences: Exploring the mental healthcare needs of children in Alberta

Exploring the mental healthcare needs of children in Alberta
University of Lethbridge, University of Calgary

In Alberta, little is known about the views of parents on psychiatric medication use or their pathways to access mental healthcare services. Current standard practice leaves parents and their children with limited options for treatment, and lack support for non-prescription medication treatments. 

To date, no study has examined parents' experiences and their mental healthcare needs or identified avenues to access evidence-based treatment options. Little is known about the challenges families face in the search for resources and navigating the healthcare system to find options for their children. 

There is recognition that the voices of patients and their families are vital in building research evidence to improve healthcare services and policies. Meaningful partnerships between patients/citizens and researchers are needed to produce research findings that are more relevant. We want to engage parents of children with autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, as well as those children with mood disorders (e.g., depression and anxiety). We have already engaged parents as partners on the research team, and now we want to hear directly from you!

Roles and Responsibilities
Has your child(ren) been diagnosed with a mood and/or anxiety disorder? We want to hear about your experiences navigating the healthcare system in Alberta! If you're interested, we'll connect with you for a one-on-one interview about your experience. Any feedback you provide us in these interviews will help to improve the services needed for children with mental health concerns. 

With your input, we can start breaking down barriers within the healthcare system!

Time Commitment
The timeframe for the project should be completed by the end of the summer, depending on how many people step up to share their experiences. Each interview should only take about 60-90 minutes. 

You will be reimbursed for travel time, parking, and a $25 gift certificate for participating in the interview.

Contact Information
Interested in sharing your experiences with us? Please connect with us: 

Brenda Leung