Opportunities - Exploring the perceptions of what characterizes poor versus good health

Exploring the perceptions of what characterizes poor versus good health

University of Alberta



The health research community is looking for ways to improve how health is measured in the general adult population. The purpose of this study is to assess how people’s perceptions of health are influenced by the cultures they live in. The University of Alberta has partnered with the National University of Singapore to conduct this qualitative study in 7 different countries: China, India, Indonesia, Spain, The Netherlands, Argentina and Canada. The evidence from this study will deepen our understanding of the aspects of health which are important to people in different areas of the world and help to better understand and explain the appropriateness of health instruments in those regions.

We aim to understand how participants characterize ‘poor health’ and ‘good health’ in their own words. Participants will also be asked to share recent experiences of living with the threat of COVID-19 and how that might have shaped their views of what it means to have good or poor health.


Roles and Responsibilities

This is a participant opportunity. Study participants will be invited to a virtual interview through Zoom to share their perceptions. Participants are welcome to turn off their camera if they choose to.


Time Commitment

This opportunity involves a one-time interview, lasting up to 90 minutes.



Participants will receive a $25 gift card of their choice for their time.


For more information, or to apply, please connect with:

Hilary Short