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Primary Health Care Teams Policy Project



As part of the “Primary Health Care Teams Policy Project,” which is being led by Dr. Nelly Oelke (Nursing, UBC, Okanagan) and Dr. Stephanie Montesanti (Public Health, University of Alberta, Edmonton), we would like to invite you to participate in an interview to obtain the perceptions of patients and caregivers on policy development and application for primary health care teams. The research results will provide us with important information to improve integrated health services delivery. Understanding how patients and caregivers are currently involved or not, if they wish to be involved and how they wish to be involved, will provide important information for government and health authority representatives for the development of policy for primary health care teams for patients living with complex needs (patients with two or more diseases). We are looking for interview participants varying in geographical location of residence, age, chronic conditions, and ethnicity. Participants must reside in Alberta, be 18 years of age or older, have 2 or more chronic conditions, and be seen by a primary health care team (2 or more health care providers who collaborate for patient care) or be a significant other, family member or friend that provides care for a patient that meets the above criteria.


Roles and Responsibiities

This is a participant opportunity. Each individual will be asked to participate in an interview.
We would like to hear their experiences and perceptions of primary health care (PHC) teams, and of the development and application of policy for PHC teams. In the Zoom/phone call with a researcher, patient participants can expect questions such as, ‘Can you comment on how well the services you needed or received were connected or linked together?’ and ‘Have you ever been asked for your opinion on how to improve primary health care services?’.


Time Commitment

Interviews are being conducted between August – December 2020. There will be one interview that will take approximately 1 – 1.5 hours. If interested, please RSVP by December 7, 2020.



Individuals will receive a small honorarium of $25 for their time and contribution.


For further information or to apply please contact:

Caillie Pritchard at caillie@ualberta.ca


The University of Alberta Ethics Review Board (REB) reference number for this study is Pro00088360.