Opportunities - "I Have a Question!" Empowering and Including Diverse Patient Voices in Patient-Centred Care"

“I Have a Question!” Empowering and Including Diverse Patient Voices in Patient-Centred Care

University of Alberta



The overall purpose of the “Question Alert” project is to empower and include patients and families from all backgrounds to:

  • engage in clear, plain language communication with their health and service providers using a patient and family designed communication tool/card.
  • remind therapists/providers to slow down, provide clear and jargon free information and make space for questions and conversations with patients and families; and
  • include diverse patient and family voices to support equity and inclusion in healthcare.


This is important to patient and family centred care because:

  • communication plays a major role in patient safety.
  • diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential aspects of patient- and family- centred care, specifically the integration of patient beliefs, values, and goals.
  • standardized tools support effective communication, shared understanding and decision making (patient and family centred care).
  • health and service providers are reminded to slow down, make time for questions, and check for understanding; and
  • awareness and supportive training with shared communication tools like the “Question Alert!” Card empowers patient/family involvement with their care team and includes the patient/family voice in shared decision making.


Roles and Responsibilities

Participants will be asked to engage in 1-2 virtual focus groups. There will be a call-in option for those with internet access challenges. We invite their input about:

  • the design of the “Question Alert!” patient/family communication tool
  • the identification of additional patient and family needs/supports for interactions with healthcare and service providers
  • resources that can help support patients/families to use the tool(s)
  • ideas for sharing the tool
  • ways to better support diverse perspectives and experiences and make health interactions and access to care more equitable and inclusive to all patients.


Time Commitment

The virtual focus groups will happen in January 2022. Participants will be asked to join in either 1 or 2 focus groups over the one-month period. Each focus group will last between 60-90 minutes.



Participants will be offered a $25 pre-paid gift card per focus group as a token of appreciation. Choice of pre-paid grocery or Amazon. Virtual focus groups will typically last 60-90 minutes.


For more information or to apply please connect with

Sharla King                                                Melanie Garrison

sjk1@ualberta.ca                                       melaniegarrison70@gmail.com              

780.975.9708                                             780.242.0036